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We bring years of firsthand technical experience to our projects, combining an invaluable training background of knowledge and skills with a strong drive for finding creative and innovative solutions and a flair for creating engaging training experiences.  We have assembled a team that represents the best talent available in the areas of project management, information system training instruction, courseware development, and E-learning solutions.


Our Developer’s experience extends beyond the technical boundary of developing E-learning solutions to include a solid background in graphic design, technical illustration, distance learning and learning theories. Folding these elements into the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards and specifications, keeps the learner actively engaged and focused on the entire course with a result of a greater leaner retention.

Training Strategy

In order to develop an effective training strategy you must have the, vision, experience, information and resources. These four elements fused together will generate the knowledge necessary to implement the right training solution at the right time.

We possess many years of experience in designing, planning, coordinating and implementing training strategy for the Department of Defense.  Let us use our experience to create a unique training strategy for your needs.  Often overlooked by many companies but perhaps the most important skill of all is communication—the ability to express oneself well, be a good listener, and the capability to communicate with all levels of technical and management personnel within the project team. Our staff is managerially and technically capable and possesses excellent people skills to encourage brainstorming, collaboration, and creativity.

Courseware Development

We incorporate all the requirements of effective adult learning into the design of our training content to optimize the transfer of knowledge to your employees. Our team takes great pride in the ability to successfully integrate our technical expertise, program management, and communication skills into our Instructional Systems Design (ISD) capabilities. We strongly believe that training is best developed by a two-part team—experts in instructional design and learning techniques and experts in the technical subject matter. Working together, our experts can design a course that is technically accurate and effectively conveys the needed information.

The training provided by the CAS Team is unique among other companies in our emphasis on equipping students with functional, integrated knowledge. Presenting large-scale processes and issues helps students understand their roles in ensuring organizational success. Ultimately, our Team will assist your employees in developing better real-world problem-solving and higher level decision-making skills.

Instructor Led Training

Whether you need a set of instructors or someone to train your instructors how to instruct we can help. Due to a shrinking or increasing workforce, our goal is to have all students return to work more invested in and better equipped to perform their jobs. The CAS Instructors encourage students to envision their roles in dynamic workforce. This creates a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for your organization.

CAS follows an Enterprise Training approach, which effectively transfers knowledge to the students. This approach is a five step method, and is also taught in our Train-the-Trainer sessions.

Training Preparation
Student Preparation
Present Information
Performance Evaluation
Instruction Preparation
Classroom Preparation
Put student at ease Gain
student’s interest
Tell, show, and demonstrate Repeat until student understands Check progress

"CAS doesn't rely on others to provide the expertise, it HIRES the expertise. They taught me how to use the system properly and the consequences of doing things the wrong way"

   Tinker Air Force Base Courseware Manager