Industry Solutions
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Knowledge and experience is invaluable in meeting the unique challenges facing our customers. The services and solutions provided by CAS can be uniquely developed and configured to suit your needs resulting in measurable benefits in the present and future. Our highly skilled staff and our understanding of how people, processes, and technology merge into a successful teaming enterprise defines the cornerstone of our business as well as the challenge of today’s business landscape.

CAS has a proven history of delivering robust, effective products and services. Because we carefully select the right team and prioritize strategic planning upfront, we are able to deliver according to budget and time constraints. Most importantly, our deliverables translate into a quantifiable increase in employee accuracy and productivity. Our students not only score our training with the highest satisfactory marks, but also return to duty to demonstrate measurable improvement. These key factors—excellent deliverables, on time and within cost, and irrefutable results—provide our customers a superior return on investment.

Aerospace and Defense

The astounding rate of retirement of the Aerospace and Defense industry personnel is staggering and they are taking with them expertise on which so many rely. When looking at ways to replenish this knowledge we must examine the current environment of the industry classrooms of today and we realize many things have remained the same. Even with all of the technological advances in learning most classrooms implore students listening to an instructor with teaching experience and little or outdated industry knowledge. Or they have expertise but lacks the ability to transfer their knowledge to the student.
Our team brings decades of firsthand technical experience to our projects, combining an invaluable background of knowledge and skills with a strong drive for finding creative and innovative solutions and a flair for creating engaging training experiences. These professional assets have benefited the Department of Defense (DoD) time and time again. As experienced contractors, CAS has a proven history of delivering robust, effective products and services. Because we carefully select the right team and prioritize strategic planning upfront, we are able to deliver according to budget and time constraints.
For example, CAS developed and administered an On-the Job training program for Industrial Engineering Technicians (IET) for the US Air Force Engine Squadron. The OJT included step-by-step direction for all tasks, performance based evaluations, formal training, and a performance assessments that effectively measured the student's ability. This program resulted in an immeasurable cost savings to the US Air Force and received the following comments from the division:
  • "The trainees that participated in the program were between six to eight months ahead of where they would have been without the OJT".

  • “The intrinsic value created through the OJT program revealed a near 100% improvement between "before" and "after" OJT. Savings "is realized in production because of less delay time, less do over time and confidence amongst the staff".

Energy and Utilities

The recent developments and expansion of the energy sector have lead to increased production, exploration, distribution and conservation.  However, training programs for the energy industry were scaled back or closed in response to the industry downturn experienced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Because of these recent advances, the landscape of the energy industry has changed dramatically, and much of the industry’s training programs have not ramped up their capacity at the same rate that demand has rebounded. In addition, the rapid advancement of technology, time required to train technical skills, and an aging workforce has added new challenges to education and training initiatives. An aggressive intervention through training and workforce retention can help mitigate these challenges.

As the energy sector continues to engage a workface with ever changing demographics it is crucial to ensure timely, accurate, and accessible training and education opportunities are present while embracing the use of technology to foster knowledge transfer.CAS will develop a customize training approach that identifies the knowledge gaps and includes solutions such as a robust On-the Job training program, revamping existing training material, and developing new courses.


Today’s healthcare organizations are met with more unique challenges than ever. Implementing & optimizing Electronic Health Records (EHR) along with workforce fluctuation means healthcare organizations today need a partner that recognizes challenges inherent in providing the essential resources and expertise needed to meet the demanding requirements of Meaningful Use (MU) and continuous improvement. This high paced interactive environment where disciplines and processes are intertwined demands a company that has a reputation for quality, innovation, and integrity.
One of the greatest benefits that CAS offers is our emphasis on helping students understand and ultimately take ownership of their individual roles. We know that true understanding requires training that addresses all levels of the learner’s comprehension. By turning information in to knowledge, CAS equips these employees to not just perform duties, but to better enhance their own work and positively impact the work of others.
The CAS team has a history of successfully providing training support for large scale IT system implementation and sustainment by guiding employees on the journey toward understanding and development. Let us develop a training plan that addresses system implementation and upgrades, new hires, and workforce improvement; or, an e-learning solution that stimulates your dynamic environment


Get a competitive advantage with industry-specific training solutions for your business.  Designed to fit businesses large and small, our comprehensive portfolio of customized training solutions can help you:
  • Enhance visibility into your business processes

  • Increase process standardization

  • Reduce training hours and redundancy

  • Optimize your employee retention and productivity

"CAS doesn't rely on others to provide the expertise, it HIRES the expertise. They taught me how to use the system properly and the consequences of doing things the wrong way"

   Tinker Air Force Base Courseware Manager